About us

Who are ‘We’?

Welcome to LoansEvents! We personalise loans to deliver the best solution to your financial problems. Our services have helped over 10,000 customers to get a loan offer at the most affordable price.

We look forward to optimising your financial position with our loans.

lending approach ensures a hurdle-free route to borrowing for our customers.

We have created a bunch of options that again specialise in treating different financial issues. It is not important where you are standing in terms of credit score. We are ready to help you. Our bad credit loans specialise in downsizing the burden of debts of a poor creditor.

What ‘We’ do?

We are a common place for borrowers searching for relief from financial pain and various obligations. Our services are set around the solution you may need in different situations. Offering financial services through fair means is our lending policy.

Prioritise customer service

Our relationship with our borrowers matters to us a lot. Starting from our services to the processes we follow, we prioritise your convenience above everything. With us, you can apply via a fast mode of application.

Our chat and email platforms help us stay connected with you. Send us your query, and we will answer it in no time. LoansEvents always pay attention to customer complaint as it points out our flaws and helps us evolve better.

Preference for inclusivity

We have made our services accessible to all. Ensure to satisfy the standard eligibility criteria, and we will take care of the rest. Financing options like no guarantor loans save you from the guarantor hunt. It facilitates easy borrowing for someone with significant financial limitations.

We believe in providing equal opportunities. Business loans are one of our innovative approaches that specialise in helping entrepreneurs stabilise their financial ground. Getting approval loans for the unemployed is not difficult, even when you are out of a job but have an alternative source of income.

What defines our ethics?

Our borrower-centric lending strategy takes care of your requirement and budget side by side. Making pocket-friendly offers available for you is our prime motto. Approaching us when times are bad should not necessarily be an expensive affair any more.

We have maintained diversity in our deliverables. You will not see us directing you and other borrowers to the same product. We understand that different problems should have different solutions.

Our lending ethics rely on a few pillars:


Strong lending principles drive us. Being honest with our customers throughout their journey on our platform is one of the ethics we pursue the most. Our straightforward communication system will never make you feel deprived, even if you have faced denials from other lenders.


The number of borrowers we have served till date testifies to our trustworthiness. To be able to perform consistently is our biggest strength. We alter and adjust our services to best fit your needs.

24/7 availability

Our shift to the online portal helped us to be presented to you all the time. When it comes to contacting us, you do not need to stick to any strict schedule. Besides, you can receive a quick reply from us based on the query or request you have sent without waiting for a long.


We will not replicate the traditional process. Our platform is easy to handle. Within two to three steps, you can complete the application and submit it right here. Follow an effortless way even to communicate your problem to us.


Users will visit our websitef and share confidential information to avail of our services. We consider protecting the safety of their data as our biggest responsibility. Necessary safety measures are active in our platform to avert any threats.

Do you still have confusion? Shoot us your question here.