Payday loans

Get immediate money for emergencies without unnecessary fees

  • Cash within 15 minutes
  • Stress-free direct debits
  • flexibility to re-schedule payments
  • Get up to £5000 for your needs
  • 5-minute application approval

Close any critical need with our borrower-friendly payday loans

Expenses like overdue credit card payments and bills seem stressful when one runs low on finances. We provide quick, smooth, same-day payday loans in the UK for any critical purpose. One can get anywhere from £1000-£5000 for 12 months of repayments and bridge the need immediately. You can pay in instalments like- monthly, weekly, or fortnightly.

You do not need a stellar credit history. You can rely on us for smooth and high approval rates. We provide loans on income. The higher the income, the better chances you share to qualify for lower interest rates.

Moreover, we support individuals within variable economies to either overpay the amount or leverage payment holidays to pay later. It is helpful for self-employed, unemployed, or one between jobs. If the benefits get delayed, contact and we stop the interest costs.

Precisely, with us, you never pay more than you ought to on payday loans. Our income-based loan policies prioritise customers’ well-being and thus ensure responsible lending parameters. We act in the customer’s best faith with free advice to manage repayments as per one’s finances.

What should you know before tapping no-refusal payday loans?

Individuals with bad credit histories and low incomes often seek instant cash without deep credit checks. No-refusal payday loans befit the search. In this, one may get a payday loan without affecting credit at the time of loan approval. These loans are easy to qualify for and gain access to much-needed cash. Here are some aspects that you should know:

  • Competitive interest rates

    The loans are ideal for short-term purposes. The shorter the term, the more competitive interest rates are. One should evaluate the APR before applying. It entails loan costs. The lower the APR, you will have a more affordable loan.

  • Understand the impact on credit score

    As no-refusal payday loans are small, one can pay in easy instalments. You can split the payments or pay a lump sum by the term’s end. If you maintain the repayments, you may improve your credit score. If you fall on the same, it may impact your credit score negatively.

  • Tap it only in emergency

    Evaluate the urgency of the purpose before availing of these loans. The loan would not help with long-term goals. If you are unsure whether the loan is right, contact us.

How to get clear terms for bad credit payday loans?

We are flexible on approval and repayment terms for low-credit individuals. We only check income and outgoings when one seeks payday loans with no credit check from a direct lender for urgent needs.

We never lend to individuals with significantly risky finances. To ease the confusion, we provide a clear idea of the total or final payment that one may pay on the loan in the agreement. The total cost we provide may increase if you miss a payment. There are minimal charges for missed payments to help you pay off loans comfortably and boost your credit score.

Here is how you can ensure clarity on repayments on bad credit payday loans before approving the terms:

  • Know the total costs that an agreement involves

    A payday loan usually includes- loan establishment costs, interest costs, APR, missed payment fees, loan closure fees, and some charge early repayment fees. A fixed-interest loan agreement may differ from a variable one. We do not charge overpayment fees. Instead, we promote prepayment that helps reduce interest costs.

  • Analyse the impact of rollovers on loan costs

    Rollover implies postponing the payment until the next repayment date. You may do that, but it may impact your credit score. We allow only 3 rollovers on payday loans as delaying payments for too long may increase the overall interest and missed payments or late fee costs. With us, you get a clear indication by which you can lengthen the payments.

  • Well-regulated and secure direct debit facility

    Individuals often choose the facility to make regular payments stress-free. We need debit card details to ensure smooth payments. We never withdraw unjustified amounts. If you are confused, you can always ask. We act in the best faith of customers and ensure 100% transparency. You can also switch to manual payments anytime.

With us, you can ensure flexibility of choice from application to repayments. You can trust us with the most affordable and simple with no nasty surprises. Fetching affordable bad credit payday loans is now a possibility!

Bad crdit loan for next payday

If you find the loan right for your circumstances, you can apply online anytime. For further queries, read ahead.


What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a small unsecured loan ideal for small emergencies. It is named so because these are primary income-based loans. You may qualify if you are 18 or over as a regular citizen of the country with some form of employment at hand.

Usually, these loans have short repayment cycles of 30 days. We provide you with 12 months of repayment to pay loans comfortably. You can use payday loans for small critical needs like- medical emergencies, credit card payments, utility payments to avoid late fees, etc.

How to get payday loans for bad credit?

These loans primarily base monthly salary as affordability proof, so the credit score does not matter much. The terms you get would be slightly more competitive than what you can get with a stable credit score. Here is how you can get it for a low credit score:

  • File your application mentioning personal details
  • We analyse your cash needs and the purpose you need it for
  • Ask for income proof- (any)- part-time/full-time/ benefits/ pension/ self-employed income
  • Release cash within 15 minutes of loan approval

Can you get a payday loan on guaranteed approval?

Guaranteed approval implies getting the loan regardless of the credit score and employment history. It is ideal for individuals with bad credit. Yes, you can get a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender like us if:

  • You provide authentic details on the application form
  • You can manage loan repayments without impacting your budget
  • You do not have too many payday loans
  • You have not applied multiple times within 1 hour before getting credit.

What do payday loan with high acceptance imply?

High acceptance implies the ease of assessing a loan at feasible and minimal eligibility criteria. Here, Payday loans with high acceptance imply that you may get accepted for a quick loan regardless of the credit report errors.

It has the simplest criteria to qualify. If you own a running income, you get the loan. The simplicity of availing of the loan makes one approach high-acceptance payday loans from direct lenders in the country.

For example, if you are unemployed and availing of government benefits, you may get a payday loan on benefits from a direct lender with a high acceptance facility. However, you cannot borrow more than your monthly disposable income.

Where to apply for payday loans for a very bad credit score?

You can apply for payday loans with LoansEvents regardless of your poor credit history. We accept applications from every walk of life. If you can afford the loan repayments and interest costs, we approve. Contact us to get a little flexibility on terms, interest rates, and loan repayments.

Can an unemployed get payday loans without a guarantor?

Yes, you can get independent finance even if you are unemployed. Payday loans are small amount loans that eliminate any need for a guarantor. You can get payday loans for the unemployed from a direct lender if you have well-managed finances, and you can contribute to loan repayments without defaulting.

Can you get payday loans for poor credit without a broker?

You can avoid broker fees and other associated costs simply by partnering with a reliable lender for time-sensitive loans. Moreover, these loans are for emergency purposes. You need quick finance than finding the right lender through a broker first. Do not feel concerned about your credit score when you need instant money; contact us for help.

How do you ensure a safe loan with no credit check payday loan?

No credit check does not imply a loan without minimal credit screening. No responsible lender will provide it. Instead, it is a soft credit check to gauge affordability. The credit check does not impact the credit score during the loan application.

It helps us analyse how much you can comfortably pay back with interest costs. If you approach us for payday loans with no credit check from a direct lender, we provide the best amount for the situation. However, we never lend beyond what you can realistically afford.

How much will be the total cost of a payday loan?

The cost of the payday loan differs from borrower to borrower. No two people have identical incomes and liabilities. Thus, we analyse the amount requirement and income with other factors like loan terms, dependents, and credit history to provide loans.

Need a small loan to tide over the emergency? Loan events have got you covered. You can apply for payday loans at anytime from anywhere. All our dealings our encrypted!