No credit check loans

Get rid of hard credit checks by availing of easy loans despite bad credit...

  • Approval on very bad credit
  • Urgent funding access
  • Easy monthly instalments
  • Improvement in credit score
  • Loans disbursed in 10 minutes

Affordable no credit check loans on instant decision

There may be some situations where you need to borrow a small amount for a shorter duration. Hopes are high, but realities are different because you have a poor credit record. Mainstream lenders are too much specific on their terms when they accept applications with bad credit but perform a hard credit check. They are not often interested in those requests, and thus the need to have no credit check loans from direct lenders in the UK occurs.

At LoansEvents, we offer personalised loan deals to people with bad credit issues. It means they can apply and can even get the approval. We perform a soft credit check to identify your loan affordability and get an overview of your financial circumstances. This sort of credit check will not impact your ratings. No one can see it while searching your credit profile.

We accept your loan application maximum times but may not approve it on some occasions if you lack the affordability. Therefore, the facility of no credit check is more or less an affordability check.

When you realise to get no credit check loans?

There are many situations when you bother of involving in the hard credit check process. Instead, you aspire for no credit check loans. However, having a loan without a credit assessment is impossible. Every lender has to check the credit history of the applicants and then decide whether to give loans or not based on affordability.

Here are some circumstances when you want a loan with soft or no credit check:-

When you need a small amount only: Sometimes, financial emergencies can be handled with a small amount only, or you want little money to fill the funding gap during large purchases like property development. You want a deal with no hard credit check to save time and get the sum quickly.

When you want to improve credit score: Many individuals opt for bad credit loans with no credit check to improve their credit scores. Since it will not be visible to your credit record, you can focus on enhancing your credit score by repaying small loans on time.

When you require a cash flow while unemployed: Spending days or months with no stable income can hamper your financial situation and credit score. In such a scenario, you want an easy loan with a softer evaluation of your past credit.

If you are in any of these situations and want no search footprint on your credit score, apply now for loans here.


Have doubts about the possibility of no credit check? Keep on reading below and find answers to your queries.


What is a loan in the UK available with no credit check?

There is nothing such as a loan with no credit check. No lender can offer a loan without going through the credit examination of the loan applicant. A credit check is essential for the lender to know the affordability of the borrower and then frame a loan deal accordingly. Here, no credit check means the lender will verify slight details of the applicants, but it will not impact their credit record.

You can refer to these loans as no hard credit check loans where the borrowers have maximum chances of loan approval. At LoansEvents, we responsibly offer loans with soft credit checks with not leaving any search footprint on your credit profiles.

How do I get no credit check loans with no guarantors?

Since your bad credit score is hampering your chances of borrowing funds, you want an easy loan option without impacting your past credit mistakes. Therefore, the desire to have no credit check loans with no guarantors becomes evident. There are very few options, but you will find the same at LoansEvents. We offer loans with no hard credit check and without a guarantor as well in the following circumstances:

  • With no guarantor, you can seek approval by applying for a loan with a co-signer who has a good credit history;
  • You are requesting an affordable amount only which you can manage from your monthly income;
  • If putting an asset is possible for you as it will become a guarantee for us for the loan repayment;
  • You are applying for the loans for the first time and thus lack a credit history and a guarantor

What types of quick loans are available with no credit check?

As responsible direct lenders, we take care of your finances by providing affordable loans only. Therefore, we do a soft credit check for a loan according to your current financial capacity. You will not find any loan beyond your capacity, and that is why we have higher loan acceptance rates than any other direct lenders in the UK.

We offer various quick loans with no credit check or soft ones with greater accountability. These include:

Payday Loans: These small loans are available within a few minutes of the application being accepted. You get a lump sum amount to utilise and repay along with interest rates on your next payday. The small nature of these loans won’t make credit check mandatory.

Bad Credit Loans: These are specialised loan products for individuals with less-than-perfect credit scores. Due to hard credit checks, they face denials from mainstream lenders. At LoansEvents, we have brought these loans on a soft credit check, allowing approval on other factors like monthly income.

Personal loans: Our personal loans are also available with no hard credit check, making it easier for thousands of applicants. These loans are also available for those with past credit issues, and thus, we remain flexible while offering these unsecured loans.

What about affordability loans with no credit check from a direct lender?

Affordable loans with no credit check are like an arrangement from a direct lender where an affordability check is performed to analyse the strength of the borrower’s income for the loan repayment. The lender does an in-depth analysis of the applicant’s monthly earnings and spending. However, it will be a soft credit assessment and not put any harm to your credit profile.

Here, we consider every loan application on the parameters of affordability checks. It helps us prepare loan offers where repaying the loan is convenient for you throughout the loan term. In such a scenario, you can get better of your credit score.

Are no credit check loans available with guaranteed approval?

It is tough to get loans on guaranteed acceptance. Any lender cannot guarantee a loan until it gets satisfied with the individual affordability. You must understand the motive behind offering no credit check loans with guaranteed approval. Our criterion is quite different from other lenders in the UK, where we do only a soft credit check and toil hard to ensure almost the guaranteed loan approval. However, it involves certain conditions like:

  • You are performing well in paying all recent bills on time and living a debt-free life;
  • You have already availed a loan from us where you paid all instalments with no miss, and we have your credit record then;
  • You are applying for a loan first-time and thus lack the credit history to show.

Despite these immunities, we cannot promise guaranteed approval because we always believe in responsible lending only.

Are small loans with no credit check costly?

Small loans with soft or no credit checks usually have higher interest rates than long-term loans. It is because the borrowed amount is small, and so does the duration. With no guarantor and collateral involved, lenders feel unsafe lending a particular amount. Therefore, they keep the interest rates higher.

At LoansEvents, we suggest some ways and following them can calm down the interest rates to allow an affordable loan. These include:

  • As the interest rates are higher, we have excluded any other fees or amounts to tailor-made a small loan deal pocket-friendly to you;
  • Our loan amount and terms are flexible. One can choose a different loan duration if earning a stable income than those earning part-time monthly;
  • Although we do not need a guarantor but you can still apply for a loan with a guarantor who has a good credit score. It will lower down the interest rates significantly.

Why approach LoansEvents?

We are a dependable direct lender in the UK, providing small loans on bespoke lending terms. We aim to bring maximum loan benefits by becoming more flexible in the policies. Since our inception, we have maintained a good track record of assigning maximum loans to individuals.

With us, you do not need to do any legwork as we work only online to allow the amount to borrow between £1000 and £25000 for 6 months to 60 months. As we are committed to affordable loans only, you do not need to worry about the credit check process. We do only soft credit checks, which may lead us to no denial of your loan application.

Our services are available 24/7 so that you can get loans for extreme needs and during the holidays. There will be no hassle as no extra cost is involved. Our features include the following:

Establishment fee No
Loan repayment modes Fortnightly, weekly and monthly
Early repayment fees Nil
Late repayment charges £7
Interest rates Starts from 4.9% (depending on individual affordability)