Bad credit loans

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  • Online loan process
  • Past credit does not matter
  • Affordable repayments
  • Competitive APRs
  • Soft credit check

Get bad credit loans on personalised offers

Sometimes, planning does not meet the proper implementation. The consequences are not in your favour too. The best example is a bad credit score. Still, you do not have to face harsh outcomes of past credit errors because bad credit loans exist in the UK.

We look for other factors, not only the 3-digit credit rating of yours. Whatever your credit score, you deserve another chance to regain your scores.

A bad credit loan is a personal loan, especially for those with poor credit scores. These will be short-term loans that are available for a shorter duration to manage unexpected expenses. While providing these loans, lenders remain flexible while accepting your monthly income as the loan guarantee rather than the credit score.

These loans come in handy when you want to finance a car, deposit the initial mortgage amount, or buy an expensive gadget. You can fill the funding gap by gaining between £1,000 and £10,000 for a maximum duration of 60 months.


Why do loans for bad credit suit me most?

Getting loans for bad credit from direct lenders must have significant reasons. Your credit score is the most considerable obstacle to seeking help from mainstream lenders. Therefore, the flexible and soft credit search approach of direct lenders attracts you the most. Here are the reasons to go for these loans:

  • To cover urgent expenses

    You worry when there are many emergency expenses at a time. These may be health issues, car repairs, home improvement, legal issues, or other situations where you must act quickly. You can opt for these loans as they are beyond credit score constraints.

  • To rebuild credit score

    Another primary reason to go for loans with bad credit is to rebuild the credit score. You can do it by making full use of flexible repayment terms. You can choose your loan duration per the strength of your monthly income and repay on time to enhance your score.

  • To stay away from loan obligations

    You get exhausted from trying with mainstream lenders because you cannot fulfil their loan obligations, particularly the guarantor. As we, being responsible direct lenders, keep alive your chances by allowing loans for bad credit with no guarantor needed.

I want bad credit loans. Where do I begin?

You have decided to go for bad credit loans. Still confused about where to begin? You do not need to be anxious as we provide you with a bespoke loan and guide you throughout the process without asking for any extra fees.

Keep ready your income proof: Since your past credit does not matter, we want to know how much you are earning and spending. If you are doing a job for a long time with one organisation, it will be good for your loan chances. You should be honest while providing employment proof.

Reveal the loan purpose: Although we are not much concerned about your loan purpose, but revealing it to us will help to prepare a loan according to your financial needs. It further paves the way for affordable loans that are manageable from your monthly income.

Analyse your household budget: Before applying for the loan, you should do some calculations. Estimate your household budget and know how much you must spend on daily expenses. After that, analyse how much loan instalment you can bring from your monthly income.

loans for bad credit

What are the pros of getting a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan online can be beneficial in several circumstances. It is helpful to consolidate multiple debts to convert them into lower payments or unexpected expenses. We have tailor-made this personal loan to help you instantly.

You get poor credit loans on the following benefits:

Guaranteed Approval

As the responsible direct lender, we cannot provide you with bad credit loans on guaranteed approval until and unless you can afford it.

No Hard Credit Check

We strive hard to bring maximum loan benefits, so we do soft credit screening of loan applications where bad credit is mentioned.

Affordable APR

There is no need to think too much on the loan APRs. Each loan includes affordable rates only, which are pocket-friendly to everyone.

You cannot wait too long to obtain these loan benefits, so apply now.


Can I get a loan with a 500 credit score?

You have all the chances of getting a loan with a 500 credit score. However, approaching mainstream lenders may not solve your purpose as they are strict with their norms. You need to contact a reliable direct lender. We are your ideal lending hub because we have specialised deals on low credit score loans.

These are short-term loans but prove useful during the urgent fund requirement. While approving the loan applications, we consider other factors like the income of the loan applicant rather than their past credit performance. It means you get the approval on your recent affordability and circumstances.

Why I cannot get a bad credit loan with no credit check?

A credit check is a mandatory process, as it helps the lender identify the affordability and then provide a loan accordingly. You should not opt for a deal where a hard credit check is there, and it can harm your credit score if you default. On the other hand, you should look for where a soft credit check is there, and LoansEvents does the same.

We treat a loan application with no hard credit check, especially for those with poor credit histories. Our lending doors are also open for those with adverse credit scores. With our flexible lending, we are the right destination for those seeking very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK with no credit check facility.

What is the best alternative of bad credit loans without credit check?

Since getting loans for bad credit with no credit check is almost impossible, you can consider its alternative. What is it? We are talking about an affordability check of your credit score. Yes, it is the best way to fetch a loan with poor credit, and it will not put down a mark on your credit profile. It also allows you to have almost guaranteed approval on your loan application.

How to get loans for very bad credit from direct lenders?

Do you have County Court Judgement (CCJ) or bank default mentioned in your record? As dependable direct lenders, we still consider your application for very bad credit loans. You can get these through these ways:

No third-person between us: We will work on a loan deal with direct communication and with no one’s interference. Therefore, you can easily get our very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker in the UK.

Use your benefits: If you are unemployed and facing the issue of poor credit, you can use your benefits to be eligible. We are the reliable lending place for those people who need very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK when living on benefits.

Are loans for extremely bad credit possible with no guarantor?

You must wonder how very bad credit loans with no guarantor are possible. As a direct lender, we have already made it possible by adding certain features. These include:

  • We offer only affordable loan deals where you can manage instalments from your monthly earning
  • You have the option of applying for joint loans where your partner has a good credit score
  • With no guarantor, you can guarantee the loan repayment by pledging an asset to secure the amount

What is the easiest way to get payday loans for very bad credit?

Payday loans are very small funding options where you get the lump sum and repay it on your next salary day. Therefore, these loans are for a small amount and a shorter term. Lenders do not feel too much risk in allowing these loans and accept applications even from those with very bad credit. However, you have to pay the higher interest rates.

How fast can you get urgent loans for bad credit?

We are unsure of other direct lenders in the UK, but we offer every loan with 24-hour approval. It means you get the desired funds on the same day despite having a poor credit score. We deal only online with no documentation. Besides, we perfect soft credit checks without impacting one’s credit profile. All these factors allow urgent funding through loans for bad credit.

Why LoansEvents to get loans with very poor credit score?

When your credit history is not supporting you to get a loan now, you need a reliable backup to get urgent funding without affecting your past. We have the qualities to assign you financial support. We are among the most trustworthy names providing loans for very poor credit as the direct lenders.

We bring features like transparency, relevancy and consistency in providing loans irrespective of applicants’ credit histories. You can also have these benefits in your favour, thus contact us now.