Personal loans

  • Fixed-rate personal loan
  • Top-up facility
  • No added fees
  • Prepayment facility (no fee)
  • Bad credit history can apply

Make big things happen with affordable personal loans

Build a soothing living space, plan a much-anticipated trip, or close the client deal. Make it happen today with personalised and same-day personal loans. Get up to £25000 for 7 years for any purpose at the best-ever costs. The loan rates you get highly depend on your profile.

Pay monthly loan payments with no additional fee if you stay consistent. Moreover, you can split the loan costs to pay affordably without compromising your liabilities. You can re-schedule payments before the due date. It would help you skip the penalty.

You get funds faster with speedy application and no paperwork. Our loans are subject to credit status and affordability. However, you should analyse your needs carefully while applying.

What do personal loans imply?

These unsecured personal loans are ideal for any purpose, although you can borrow less than a secured loan. You can use it to replace the backsplash or buy equipment. The plus point is that the loan reduces the risk of losing your assets. Unlike secured loans, credit affordability is the primary criterion to qualify for the loan.

You qualify with a fair credit score and an income to support repayments. You pay the loan in fixed monthly instalments until the loan term. You can use the loan amount for different purposes at once. For example, if you borrow £13000 in personal loans, you can split the costs per your needs like debt consolidation, paying credit card dues, or repair work.

The interest rate on collateral-free loans stays competitive. It implies you should ensure regular repayments to keep the loan costs low. The longer the repayment term, the more the interest costs and vice-versa. Decide the right repayment term as per your budget and life goals.


TIP: You can qualify and repay the loan quickly by checking the overall loan costs, analysing your income, monthly repayments, and budget.

How do personal loans with no guarantor help build credit?

A guarantor is someone known who helps you qualify for better rates if you lack sufficient credit and income. Finding one is not easy, and it is where a personal loan with no guarantor can help.

Here, you do not need a third person to assist you with payments. Instead, you can get the loan without a guarantor for your needs. With disciplined payments, you can improve your credit score. Here are other ways to ensure the same:

  • Timely bill payments before payday

    A pending utility bill payment, like water, electricity, broadband, landline, or rent, may impact your credit score. Delayed payments cast a negative impression. With this loan, skip the penalty and boost your credit score.

  • Pre-pay the loan amount

    Inspect whether the company provides a no-cost prepayment. If yes, it could help your credit score. By pre-paying the pending loan amount, you can cut unnecessary interest costs. Lower interest costs imply better credit scores. Yes, you can pre-pay anytime here. It must not impact your budget.

  • Qualify for a lower rate on a good income

    You may get an affordable loan despite a bad credit history with a regular income. If your income improves, you can re-schedule your payments to affordable monthly payments. With us, it is possible.

Tip: A no-guarantor personal loan is only ideal if you have a good income to support payments. Alternatively, you can check other unsecured loans.

How to get a low-interest rate on a personal loan?

If you have a history of defaulting on loans, missed payments, or bankruptcy, you may emerge as a risky profile to the loan provider. Still, you can qualify for a low-interest-rate personal loan for your needs.

  • Ensure a stable income proof

    Good employment history and income help get better rates on unsecured loans. You may get a lower-interest quote if you have been working for over 2-3 years. It reveals your potential to make regular payments without skipping.

  • Borrow a small amount

    Check out a small sum if you have a low credit score. It would help you qualify for a lower-interest quote. Likewise, having stable credit history and income can fetch you better interest rates on unsecured personal loans. Also, borrow it for the shortest time possible.

  • Pay off some loans

    Consolidating some debts or paying loans like payday loans, unemployed loans, and doorstep loans can help your credit score. You may qualify for better rates.

TIP: Always check your credit history and use the eligibility calculator before applying. It will help you qualify for lower rates.

How to avoid rejection on a personal loan with bad credit?

Your credit score drops if you receive a rejection for a loan a few times now. However, there are some ways you can improve your prospects for a personal loan for a bad credit profile from a direct lender. Check here:

  • Update your electoral roll

    If you are 18 and above, having your name on the electoral roll matters. It is essential when you lack a credit history. It helps one identify you as someone the lender could contact in case of missed payments or help you with one. If you have one, update details like address, contact number, etc., for easy scanning and get swift loans.

  • Consolidate some debts

    Check whether you can merge 2 or 4 loans and pay a single amount to the lender. If yes, you can save interest and boost your credit history. However, debt consolidation is also a loan. You should ensure regular payments to keep your credit score stable.

  • Limit using credit cards

    Consider cash wherever possible for minimal purchases. Heavy credit card debt may impact credit and loan approval. Your payment history covers 35% of your credit score. You should limit credit card usage to get personal loans for bad credit on instant approval from a lender.

Tip: Payment history includes paid loans, unpaid loans, frequency of payments, and credit issues. The better your credit history, the higher your credit score. Ensure timely bill payments.


What does the first direct personal loan imply?

It is a term that defines individuals applying for personal loans for the very first time. It could be anyone from students to new job seekers applying for a loan.

Individuals applying for the first direct personal loan have little or no credit history. Thus, it becomes problematic to qualify for loans with mainstream lenders. However, some provide a first direct personal loan to individuals based on monthly income. Most lenders, like us, approve loans on merit-based. Therefore, the interest rates on these loans are competitive.

What unsecured personal loans do I qualify for?

Our loans cover every need, from emergency to long-term purposes. Contact us if you are searching for an easy and flexible unsecured personal loan from a direct lender. Here are some loans that you get with us:

How do you ensure safe personal loans for people with bad credit?

Individuals with poor credit histories often seek flexibility in loan terms and payments. You never face default fears with us as we create a personalised loan structure suitable to your finances.

  • Our soft credit check facility helps one keep the credit score intact while applying for a loan. If you need guidance to ensure the cheapest loan quote for your needs, we work towards ensuring it by leveraging the best of our expertise.
  • While seeking personal loans for bad credit from a direct lender, you prioritise things like affordable interest rates, lower loan and penalty fees, etc. You can find everything you need here.
  • We operate in the best faith of our customers to provide loans with poor credit histories. Get expert assistance whether you are unemployed and seeking minimal need or undergraduate building credit score.
  • If you fall on payments, you can get a new repayment structure that aligns with your finances. Moreover, you can check your feasibility over loan repayments before applying.

What is the possibility of guaranteed approval on the loan?

For guaranteed approval, you must ensure authentic details with no spelling errors. Alongside, ensure to provide relevant and legal income proof. We do not approve the loan if it is older or unauthentic.

However, if you need a loan for a car purchase, home renovation, home improvement, or business expansion, you may have to follow a standard affordability procedure. We conduct detailed credit checks and income checks to ensure your affordability.

No legal lender can provide a loan without a credit check. We do so to ensure the right and economical loan for you. It should be easy on your finances. Regardless of our process, you share the highest chances of qualifying for a stable or bad credit history here.

How much does a personal loan cost?

The costs of the loan vary from lender to lender. Most loan providers have unique eligibility parameters for income, credit score, and guarantor (if required). Every parameter contributes to the loan costs. Here are how the loan costs may vary:

  • Credit score- The score defines financial management. With a good credit score, you share higher loan approval chances.
  • Repayment- It is the amount you pay monthly/yearly on the loan. If you choose a shorter repayment tenure, your loan costs would be low
  • APR: Annual Percentage Rate is the overall loan cost (it includes interest costs too). The better the credit score, the lower APR you get.
  • Interest rates: It is a compensation fee on a loan. The interest rate for a good credit score is lower than for a poor credit one. The higher the loan term, the more interest you pay.
  • Loan closer fee: One pays a fee after paying the dues at the end of the loan agreement.
  • Borrowing amount: You legally qualify after a detailed financial analysis for an amount.