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Loans without a guarantor for bad credit on bespoke deals

It's a fact that often, people with poor credit scores do not have a guarantor. Still, they want loans to help them escape their struggling financial phase. A bad credit score prevents loan application approval. It happens because it becomes risky for lenders to recover the loan amount without a guarantor.

In this case, responsible lenders offering loans with no guarantors are suitable for you. LoansEvents is one such lender that provides loans for poor credit people with no guarantor and does not require a hard credit check.

You can apply now for these loans and experience smooth borrowing with no hassle.

What is a no guarantor loan?

A no guarantor loan is a kind of short-term loan in which individuals apply to borrow money from a direct lender. In such easy loan options, you do not need a guarantor as a co-signer for your loan agreement.

With such a facility, borrowers can get loans with poor credit or zero credit scores from us despite not having a guarantor. People with low-credit profiles often face denials when they want to avail of funds, particularly from mainstream lenders.

Many lenders ask them to find a guarantor to recover the loan amount if they fail to repay it. If borrowers cannot arrange a guarantor, the loan providers do not hesitate to reject their loan applications.

On the other hand, a reliable direct lender like Loansevents offers not only no guarantor loans but even loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval and no guarantor requirement. You only need to prove your affordability, which suits your critical financial circumstances.


What are the benefits of loans with no guarantor for poor credit?

Not having a guarantor may cause rejections on your loan application. Still, options are in the form of poor credit no guarantor loans. These are specific funding products for those with poor credit histories and difficulty finding a guarantor.

Once you receive our loan acceptance, you will be thrilled to explore the major benefits. Some of these are:

  • Same-day approval: You need funds instantly for your emergency. You can fetch the desired amount on the same day by opting for these small personal loans.
  • No third-party involvement: By providing loans for bad credit, lenders with no guarantor requirement neglect the need to approach a broker as well. It is because everything comes directly.
  • Improvement in credit scores: You have to repay loans in your capacity. By doing this, improvement in your credit scores becomes inevitable. However, you need to pay for every instalment without any misses.

What types of loans with no guarantor do you get here?

We have tailor-made loan products, which you can apply for without a guarantor or collateral.

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Payday Loan

Payday loans for bad credit with no guarantor are income-based loans. You get the lump sum loan amount and repay it with interest rates on your next salary day. Interest rates will be on the higher side.

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Personal Loan

It is a universal loan that can be applied to any financial situation. With us, you can get a personal loan with no guarantor needed, making it suitable for everyone.

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Loans for the Unemployed

Unemployed people struggle to arrange a guarantor. They cannot spend much time finding a person as their guarantor. Instead, they get approval on their part-time income or their benefits.

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Unsecured loan

You can apply for an unsecured loan with no guarantor. This funding source does not include the need for collateral and proves beneficial in getting quick funding during financial emergencies.

Can I get loans without guarantor and no credit check?

A credit check is a mandatory part of the loan process. Every lender is entitled to check the applicant's credit history before assigning any loan. As the responsible direct lender, we will also examine your credit history, which will not disturb your credit profile.

We only do the soft credit check, where there will be no hard credit check. This means you still get approval for no guarantor loans in the UK, even with a poor credit history. We consider other factors, particularly your current income status, to give you the loan acceptance.

It further indicates that you will get only the affordable amount to borrow. There may be some conditions on which we may agree on no credit check loans with no guarantor. These include:-

  • You are our previous borrower and paid all loans to us on time;
  • You are a first-time borrower and lack a credit history;
  • You have improved a lot in your recent financial performance.

Despite these conditions, you will get only a small amount to borrow, and interest rates will be higher.

How am I eligible for loans with no guarantor and bad credit?

Some parameters are necessary for the borrower to get loans without a guarantor. These are not hard, but they are mandatory to qualify for the loans.

Everyone who needs financial help should check the following before applying:

Age: It is the primary condition where the lender can approve loan applications of those between the age group of 18 - 70 years.

Residency: The borrower must be a resident of the UK or residing here for the last 7 years. Necessary residence proof may be asked during the application.

Bank Account: Having an active bank account is mandatory. Transferring the loan amount into a bank account becomes easier if you have one.

Monthly Income: You should earn at least £700 per month with your full-time or part-time income of £400. We may consider government-sponsored benefits in specific circumstances.

How do I apply for online loans with no guarantor?

LoansEvents is a direct lender. We do all documentation online. Our online application form will assist you in getting loan approval. We can consider your application on the same day you need loans without guarantor and bad credit in your critical financial situation.

Online lending is the perfect way to provide instant funding to support people wherever they reside. You can also apply for our loans whether you live in London, Hampshire, Manchester or any other city in the UK.

Here are the steps to follow:-

Step 01: Decide the loan amount and term

Based on your affordability, you should finalise the loan term and amount.

Step 02: Apply online

Once you decide on the term, complete and submit an application form online.

Step 03: Get a loan quote

We instantly release a loan quote according to your requirements. Go through it and give your consent.

Step 04: Receive loan amount after approval

Our policy of soft or no credit check loans and no guarantor brings fast approval for you. We send the borrowed money to your bank account on the same day.


Why LoansEvents to get loans with no guarantor in the UK?

We are a responsible direct lender. We provide loans without guarantors and no credit checks for people with good or poor credit histories. Our main objective in providing bad credit loans with no guarantor is to make lending convenient.

Borrowers reach out to us with the lowest credit scores, and we assist them in getting the desired financial outcome. Some features that you should look for from us are:

Safe Borrowing

Our site is well protected and ensures the safest platform to borrow funds. You will get the desired amount with no hassle.


We never include any hidden charges or fees except interest rates, but missing repayment may cause an issue.

Fast approval rate

You will not experience any delay in the loan approval process. We do everything in a short time and, in fact, on the same day.

Flexible Repayment

We keep the loan repayment terms flexible. You can choose your loan term according to your capacity.


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