Business Loans

Skyrocket your business’s growth by raising capital from loans

  • Acceptance on bad credit
  • Ideal deals for new businesses
  • Self-employed can apply
  • Online application only
  • Bespoke offers for women entrepreneurs

Plug the funding gaps with business loans

In a business, cash flow problems are hard to handle. Are you in the same boat? There is no need to bother as you can access business loans to eliminate cash shortage issues. Keep up with your financial responsibilities by utilising custom-made loan offers from Loansevents.

These loans are ready to serve different types of enterprises, starting from sole traders, limited companies, start-ups etc. This funding option can help you take care of your business's commercial growth. Be free to choose any amount per your requirements without forgetting about the repayment conditions.

We impose no restraints when using this widely famous form of financing in the business field. Consider getting these loans to cater to diverse purposes like:

  • Business expansions
  • Acquiring new business
  • Managing business debts
  • Improving cash flow
  • Purchasing new machinery
  • Marketing
  • Paying wages of employees
  • Advertising
  • Give training to the existing staff
  • Buying stocks etc.

These loans can be the best financial tool to handle all types of financial complexities occurring in the business. Be a responsible borrower by making repayment your priority. With proper planning, ensure smooth loan payments. It will finally make the route for business growth.

How getting a business loan is easy despite bad credit?

You may have mapped out how to expand the business, but you are lagging in finance. In that scenario, you cannot think of taking out money. It is because low credit scores can play a negative catalyst.

What does a business credit score mean? It will measure your business's creditworthiness. This score can unveil the payment history by determining the debt your business owes. Although bad credit loan providers use it as a parameter to assess the credibility of your business, there are ways to improve your chances of getting a bad credit business loan.

  • Analyse the credit report

    Audit the business credit reports regularly. Collect the free copy available from any of the credit reference agencies. Analyse all the information to check if there is any discrepancy. Oftentimes, false reports become a reason for rejections.

  • Settle outstanding payments

    If payment is due on your business credit cards, it will also affect your credit scores. Find them out without any delay. Refrain from taking out new credit when you have past debts. Pay off dues before going ahead to borrow.

  • Keep an eye on your business accounts

    Review your business accounts from time to time. You can keep aside accounts older than 2 years. Update the recent accounts you have. Make sure it comprises all the correct information. It should explain profit and loss and the balance sheet in detail.

  • Get your business plan ready

    Your business plan can be your saviour when your credit scores are imperfect. It elaborates on how you have planned to utilise these loans for business purposes. The meaning of having a proper business plan is to have a detailed explanation ready for the financial decisions you will make.

Why do business loans with no guarantor make sense?

Obtaining business loans with no guarantor is unthinkable with traditional lenders. Our lending perspective differs from theirs. Despite imperfect scores, face no guarantor loan claim when your loan requirement is small. For larger amounts, having a guarantor would be a must.

Apart from ‘no guarantor’ factor, you can also reap different benefits like:

  • Boost in business cash flow

    Draw out money to maintain the business operations. Be it for any need, you can apply for the desired amount without any hesitation. You need not have to take stress handling the unprecedented expenses after getting access to these loans.

  • Quick way to borrow

    Layovers are almost nil here. The streamlined steps of the application can save you time and effort. You can be at any place while completing the online formalities. Getting money after approval is also easy here. Check your bank account to receive money in no time.

  • Pocket-friendly interest rate

    The rate of interest will be highly competitive. See a reduction in the borrowing cost. Get a loan at rates that match your financial capability. Take advantage of our practical pricing strategy.

  • Upgrade business credit scores

    These loans facilitate easy disbursement of pending payouts. Use these loans smartly and try hard to regularise outstanding payments. This way, you can be on top of finances and do the needful to improve your credit scores.


Why approach Loansevents?

Are you doubtful if we can be your ideal financial partner? You are trying to figure out if borrowing from us would be beneficial for you or not. We like these analytical skills of the borrower as it allows us to prove ourselves.

Out of our so many competitors, the reasons why we might be the right choice for you are as follows:

Transparent approach: We never share half information with our borrowers. You can get comprehensive details about terms and conditions. We will provide you with the loan agreement to get clarity on our operations as one of the business loans’ direct lenders.

No additional fee requirement: Our fee structure explains the fees that we will levy on you. We will never try to impose surprise fees as processing charges. However, we will charge a penalty if you do not repay loans on time.

Assistance throughout the day and night: We know that you might need any information anytime. For this reason, we have made ourselves available round the clock. Share your queries around the clock.


Where can I get a business loan?

A quick online search will introduce you to many online loan providers if you do not want to opt for Banks or financial institutions. You can fetch a free loan proposal from direct lenders like Loansevents. Review the prices we have offered. If you want, you can compare it with our competitors also. Here, we assure you to provide flexible terms and competitive rates, a rare combination to find easily. Besides, you can easily skip any hard checks, as this is the least important for us.

Can self-employed people get loans for business?

Self-employment means you have a business which is not yet registered. You are paying taxes from your self-employment income. Getting loans is possible being a self-employed individual depending on a few factors. You need to establish yourself as a dutiful borrower. You must showcase a clean credit stature. Make sure that you can meet repayments efficiently within time. If your business is still small, you can seek financial assistance from us without hesitation.

Is it possible to avail of a small business loan as secured or unsecured funds?

It depends on your preferences. Both provisions have their pros and cons to consider. You have to decide the most suitable choice.

Secured loans Unsecured loans
Higher loan amounts are accessible to you Unsecured loans are accessible in small amounts.
Pledging assets are necessary. Assets do not play any role.
It demands heavy documentation. Paperwork is either minimal or zero.
No need to have a strong financial foundation. Your financial condition should be noteworthy.
A guarantor is clearly not a requirement. Collateral-free funds often require the support of a guarantor.

Can I get a business loan with a 500 credit score?

This type of credit score falls in the highly risky category. With online lenders like us, you can still stand a chance to get funds for your business. In that case, you must be ready for some conditions. Considering the risk involved in lending, you might get a comparatively small amount of loan. You should agree to pay loans back within a short duration. Moreover, you must accept higher interest rates since your credit scores are not perfect.

How to be eligible for a business loan with bad credit?

Businesses struggling with poor credit can qualify for these loans. They need to match the eligibility criteria like:

  • A registered business in the UK
  • Must be actively trading for a specified duration
  • Have a foolproof growth strategy in place

They can be a small business but should be able to fulfil the conditions concerning the annual turnover. The qualifying criteria have nothing to do with the type of business you are handling. It will remain the same for all types of business.

In what ways can I get a loan for business with bad credit?

With us, you can bid adieu to the traditional process of application. We follow a simple and seamless application version. Get started here with an online application.

Enter the required information: The form will enquire about a few details. Put in the information carefully.

Scan entered details: Do this to point out mistakes if you have done any. If errors are there, correct them at once.

Submit with one click: The final step is submission. Do this to send your loan request to us.

Do you get loans for new start-up businesses?

The likelihood of getting financial assistance for your start up business from traditional lenders like Banks is average. Since you have just launched your start-up business, you have a short span of trading history. Besides, it is quite difficult for a new business startup funds to hold substantial capital and collateral from the inception.

Fortunately, we can be an alternative to business start up loans lending source for you. Take pleasure in the flexible repayment of our loans services. Make an online application to acquire the necessary start up loans to meet the requirement of your new or small business.

Can a Woman entrepreneur get a loan for business?

Yes, a female business owner is equally eligible to get loans. They can borrow money to help their businesses run smoothly and maintain consistency in working capital. A wide variety of alternatives is available for them. Even bad credit is not a problem for them while getting loan help from us. The same eligibility criteria will apply for them as well. Getting quick funds to accelerate business growth is doable for them, like the way it is possible for other business owners.