Top Money Lenders Who Provide Same-Day Loans on Benefits in the UK

TOP MONEY LENDERS for Same Day Loans

Have you ever felt broke? 

Have your savings fallen short of having your laptop repaired? 

Have you got your energy bill too high this month? 

Well, whatever the scenario, same-day loans are out there to help you. Even if your credit rating is not stellar or you have lost your job, you qualify for same-day benefits loans. 

Several lenders are offering these loans at different terms and conditions. Before you apply for these loans, you should do proper research to pick a lender lending money at the least possible interest rates.

However, the best lender cannot be just determined based on the interest rates. The loan term, repayment plans and fee structure also matter most when deciding whether a deal is expensive or affordable. 

Top Money Lenders

Here are the top money lenders who provide same-day loans in the UK.

Lending Stream

While same-day loans are known for a lump sum payment, Lending Stream is a lender that allows you to repay the debt over a period of six months. Lending Stream could be a better lender to approach if you are looking to pay it off in fixed instalments.

You can borrow between £50 and £1,500. The representative APR of these loans is 1333%. However, the actual APR may vary depending on your credit score and current income sources. Another reason why this lender has gained popularity is that you can get money in your bank account within 90 seconds. 

You can fill in the application form around the clock. It is FCA, an authorised direct lender since 2008. Despite a bad credit rating, you are also eligible for same-day loans from Lending Stream. 


Sunny is the best private lender that loans up to £2,500. While the starting borrowing amount from Lending Stream is £50, Sunny can provide you with access to funds starting from £100. You do not need to particularly meet the eligibility criteria to get same-day loans from Sunny.

As long as you are a UK resident and have come of age, you can apply for these loans. The representative APR could go up to 1721%. It depends on your credit score and income capacity. The repayment length of the loan could be between three and 36 months, depending on the borrowing sum. 

The lender also entertains applications from bad credit borrowers but charges higher interest rates. 

Cash Lady

Cash Lady is an FCA-registered broker that has a panel of lenders offering same-day loans at the most affordable interest rates. Like other direct lenders, Cash lady also runs a hard credit check to determine your affordability. Most people seek money without a credit check, but being registered lenders with FCA, they cannot lend money without perusing their credit report.

However, at the same time, they know that your credit score cannot reflect your actual financial situation, so bad credit borrowers also have a chance to borrow money. Unlike other lenders, Cash Lady does not lend more than £1,000. The repayment length will typically be between 3 and 12 months.

Cash lady does not charge any fees, and hence the cost of the debt is not outrageously high. If you borrow money from Cash lady, you can avoid having search footprints on your credit report because, as a broker, it does run a soft credit check. Soft inquiries do not show up on a credit file, so you do not need to lose your credit points. 

Chances of approval are very high because several lenders will look at your application form. One of them may get ready to lend you money. Only FCA-authorised lenders will lend you money, making interest rates affordable, with no ugly surprises. Your personal data will also be distributed across officially registered lenders on the panel. 

Cash Lady does not charge any service from borrowers. In fact, no hidden fees are charged. Everything will be transparent between the broker, lender and you.  

Quick Loans Express

What makes Quick Loans Express unique from others is that it will transfer money to your bank account even on Sundays. Another good feature of this lender is that you will get the same interest rate regardless of your credit history. The lender is a specialised lender in offering same-day loans to even those with no credit history. 

The minimum amount you can borrow from Quick Loans Express is £300, the maximum amount is £1,500, and the repayment period is between three and no months. Like other lenders, Quick Loans Express wants you to have come of age to apply for these loans. However, if you are 21+, you should have a payslip.

The lender charges neither hidden fees nor early repayment fees. You can clear your dues on time. The representative APR is 611.74%, which is relatively lower than the APR from other lenders. Bad credit borrowers often hesitate to apply for these loans for fear of losing their credit points. 

Some lenders are out there that claim to provide same-day loans with no credit check. These loans could carry higher interest rates. However, some lenders would want you to have a strong repaying capacity and avoid a recent default. Beware of any lender offering these loans without the demand for these two conditions. 

To wrap up

Several lenders can provide you with same-day loans on benefits in the UK. Each lender charges different interest rates, so you should research these loans before applying. Pick a lender that lends money at the most affordable interest rates.

If you are not sure about your decision, you can take the help of a broker. They have a panel of lenders, so it is easy for them to match a lender with your requirements. However, some brokers may charge fees from you as well as from a lender. 

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