What Are the Best Freelancing Jobs for the Newly Unemployed?

Freelancing Jobs

Losing your job is tough. But there is good news. More people now work for themselves as freelancers. This gives new options when no one hires you full-time. 

Freelancing means doing projects that clients pay for. Many websites connect freelancers with clients. These sites make finding work much easier. 

Freelancing has perks over normal jobs. You choose your own schedule and workload. No boss watches everything you do. Hunting for the next client stays exciting. 

Freelancers earn very different pay. Some make minimum wage. Others make over £100 per hour for their work. How much you succeed depends on your skills and what clients will pay. But overall, freelancing opens new doors when unemployed. 

Working for yourself allows control over money earned. Driven self-starters can replace a nice salary through hustling for clients. Freelancing fills gaps between long-term jobs. 

Those without a job should look into freelancing. The flexibility, freedom, and income motivate people to start. One finished project can snowball into a career.

5 Best Freelancing Jobs You Can Start Anytime

1.     Graphic Design

Brands need visuals to connect with customers. Websites must grab attention quickly. These needs create graphic design jobs. Freelancers do branding and web design work. 

Graphic designers make logos, ads, posters, and more. Digital designers craft website layouts, animations, and app interfaces. All create visual solutions to client problems. 

The main tools needed are:

  • Computers and software like Photoshop
  • Drawing tablets
  • Creativity and visual skills 

Many freelance sites offer graphic design gigs. Building a portfolio shows talent to potential clients. Word-of-mouth referrals also lead to work. 

However, setting up as a freelance graphic designer may require some initial investment in software, hardware, and possibly courses to sharpen your skills. For those facing financial constraints, loans for the unemployed from a direct lender can be a viable option. These loans provide the necessary funds to start, helping cover initial expenses while establishing your freelance business. 

2.     Web Development and Design

Websites connect companies to customers. Yet many businesses lack the tech skills to build online homes. This steady need creates web developer jobs. Freelancers design sites, write code, and more.

Web developers build the structure behind sites and apps. They make interactive elements like forms, shopping carts, and user logins. Services include: 

  • Site creation
  • Adding functions
  • Fixing bugs
  • Updates 

Learn coding through online courses or books. Build personal projects to showcase skills. Share code samples on freelance profile pages. 

However, pursuing formal education in web development or investing in advanced courses might require financial resources that are not readily available, especially if you are unemployed.  

In such scenarios, urgent cash loans for the unemployed can be a practical solution. These loans can provide the necessary funds to enroll in courses and purchase any required software or equipment, allowing you to start your freelancing career while getting a formal education.

3.     Social Media Management

More businesses want help running social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter connect companies and customers. Firms need regular posts and engagement. This puts social media jobs in demand. 

4.     Building a Portfolio 

  • Set up accounts on main platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be active daily.
  • Show skill in visuals, writing, and analytics. Use free tools to track success.
  • Reach out to small businesses to manage pages for free at first. This gives examples. 

Social media is crucial for companies today. Skilled managers who deliver results will find growing chances. Pay starts at around £15 per hour or more.

5.     Virtual Assistance

Technology connects people globally. This lets remote helpers assist others worldwide. These online assistants are called virtual assistants or VAs. They do administrative, technical, and creative work for clients. 

Common VA tasks: 

  • Set up meetings
  • Answer emails
  • Write proposals
  • Manage schedules 

VAs also help with social media, typing data, and more. Their skills are like a secretary, editor, and marketer mixed. 

Getting started as a VA: 

  • Take a class to gain valuable skills
  • Make a website showcasing abilities
  • Join freelance sites to find clients
  • Market services directly to great clients 

Hard-working VAs build a steady client group over time. Focusing on a niche makes starting easier. 

6.     Translation Services

If you know multiple languages, translation jobs can help when out of work. Translation shares ideas between languages. More translation is needed as the world connects. 

Types of Jobs 

  • Document translation – Translate guides, studies, articles, and books. Find work on sites like Upwork. Pay can be £0.10-£0.20 per word.
  • Website translation – Put site text into other tongues. See ProZ.com for gigs. Pay is around £0.15 per word.
  • Interpreting – Change spoken words from meets, happenings, court. Check sites like Geneva World. Pay starts at £45 per hour.
  • Localization – Adapt translations for regional slang/culture. Jobs on Smartling. Pay is £75,000 a year. 

Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, and German are the most wanted languages. There is less competition for Swedish, Dutch, or Thai. Translation lets people profit from language skills.


Losing a job is tough. The search for new work can take a while. It helps to see chances out there. Many freelance jobs now use skills from regular careers. These let people earn as they hunt for the following position. 

It helps create options beyond full-time roles. Side income cushions the impact of unemployment. Staying active maintains purpose and contacts for that next opportunity. Freelancing also allows more control over schedule and work. 

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