What Is CCJ & How Does a CCJ Loan Helps You Recover from It?

What Is CCJ & How Does a CCJ Loan Helps You Recover from It

Are you suffering from a County Court Judgement or a CCJ? It might happen to any borrower for specific reasons. If you are facing it right now, know that it is perfectly common and that you can solve the problem. 

Yes, we will tell you the solution to this problem with a CCJ loan. But before we fetch into all that, we must understand why a CCJ might happen and its complications. A CCJ loan might help you in specific ways. But, to put this loan to good use, you may need to learn about the legal trouble first.   

What Is a CCJ?

As mentioned earlier, a CCJ is called a County Court Judgement. It is a court order against you if you have defaulted on a loan, i.e. you could not pay your lender back the money you borrowed. The lender first complains to the court, and the court will check both of your details. The CCJ will be issued against you if the lender’s charges are found true. 

Usually, a CCJ is sent to you by the court. In this order, you will be instructed to pay the funds back to your lender. Generally, you receive the order by post. 

Your creditor will also send you a ‘letter of claim’. Please note that this letter must be replied to within 30 days. Otherwise, the creditor might take further court action against you. 

What to Do When You Face CCJ Claims?

When faced with a CCJ claim, quick and effective action is necessary from your end. You might feel it is a little troublesome to manage in many cases. But you can manage it by organising your finances and looking for a debt management plan.

First, do not ignore a CCJ and reply back to the creditor that you agree to return the money. Let your creditor know of repayment instalments you can afford.

If possible, you can pay off the full loan amount

  • If the terms are too costly for you to bear, then appeal to your creditor for negotiation.
  • If you are using a debt management plan and are choosing a CCJ loan as a way out, then do inform your creditor about it. 
  • If you think that the charges are wrong and that you do not owe money to your creditor, then apply for the cancellation of the CCJ. 
  • You may also reply back asking for more information on the debt you owe your creditor. 

Since it is a legal order, you should not neglect a CCJ at any cost. In the next point, we can learn about this matter a little bit.

What Happens Ignoring a CCJ?

Ignoring a County Court Judgement may result in serious court actions. Some of them might be a little stressful for you. 

  • You may lose money from your salary. When the court finds out you are an employee or have an income, it will deduct a particular amount from what you earn in loan instalments for repayments.
  • Bailiffs can visit you as they will ask you for goods or an amount of money to pay back the debt. Facing them will not be offensive, as they will stay at your door. But the experience of it can be a little uncomfortable. 
  • You can lose your right to request the court to challenge the lender if you think the CCJ charges against you are wrong.
  • High Court Enforcement Officers may visit your home to collect and use goods/ money from your home to repay the debt you owe your creditor. 

These are just legal rules, and they aren’t scary. But yes, they can make you tired and lose focus on your job and other important projects. In the next point, we can discuss how a loan for CCJ might help you in this situation. 

How Might a CCJ Loan Help?

It is important to recover from CCJ as soon as possible. It is because suffering from it can cause serious financial drainage. You don’t need that. It is better to find another loan to consolidate your CCJ debt. The reasons for that are mentioned below:

  • A CCJ is actually easy to get. With direct lending practices like ours, you can apply for a loan showing proof of your income. As the loan is meant for urgent payments, the direct lender will run a quick check of the details and can approve the loan in minutes. You may draw the money within one business day.
  • To make the process faster and hassle-free, you can look for fast loans with no guarantor. In these particular CCJ loans, the direct lender will ignore the need for a guarantor and even a lengthy hard credit check. It makes lending quicker and more effective. 
  • Most CCJ loans are personal loans and do not involve your home, car or other assets as collateral. So, if you are scared of foreclosure issues, don’t think that way and take out a loan.

Keep in mind that a CCJ is a common problem. You can end up in a CCJ order and feel overwhelmed by financial charges. But if you take timely actions and make smart decisions, a CCJ cannot make you feel stressed.

To Conclude  

Sometimes, you need another loan to take care of previous loans. This is what we know as debt consolidation. For something like CCJ, it just takes a legal turn. 

However, the issue is solvable. Gather your finances. Try earning some more by working part-time or freelance. Please take out a fast CCJ loan from us without a guarantor or bad credit hassles. We will make the deal more relaxed with different interest rates and repayment periods so that the CCJ loan doesn’t fall heavy on you like the CCJ order.  Let us know what you think in the comment box below. You can also write to us or phone us whenever possible. Share this post to inform others. You always need to find out who needs support. So, even if you don’t have a CCJ issue (or even if you do), spread this blog to help others. 

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